Mutilated Lips

By Ween

From the album The Mollusk

Got a feeling this one is in drop D tuning as it seems the
low E chord is in fact a hammer-on from an even lower D.
Play it this way in standard tuning and adjust the B chord
if you're keen to try it with dropped D.

Note that this song sounds much better if you use the
strange chord voicings given at the end of the file.

[verse one]
B*                               D
  I lick my brian in silence
  Rather squeeze my head instead
  Midget man provoking violence
  Listen not to what I said
D                            B* (arpeggio)
  I said please calm it down
  Everything is turing brown

           G/D         D
Mutilated lips give a kiss on the wrist
       C/D               E
Of the worm like tips of tentacles expanding in my mind
    G/D                       D
I'm fine excepting only fresh brine
        C/D                 E
You can get another drop of this yeah you wish

[repeat chorus]

[verse two]
B*                                  D
  Laughing lady living lover
  Ooh you sassy frassy lassie
  Find me the skull of Haile Sallase, I...
  Give me shoes so I can tapsy
D                             B* (arpeggio)
  Tap all over this big world
  Take my hand you ugly girl

[chorus twice]
[chorus twice:end on E arpeggio]

[chord definitions]
B*	7 9 9 8 0 0
D	x x 0 7 7 5
G/D     x x 0 121210
C/D     x x 0 5 5 3