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A project to extract Exif and IPTC image metadata from media such as JPEG files.
A collection of WPF related utilities and projects.
windows gadgets
Gadgets for the desktop of Windows Vista / 7.
.net dependency analyser
An application that analyses and graphically plots dependencies between .NET assemblies (.dll and .exe files).
C# mock object generation
A tool to generate mock object classes that integrates with VisualStudio.NET as a custom tool.
photo montage
A Java app that creates photo-montage images, compositing a designated image from miniature thumbnails of other images.
ray tracer
I wrote a ray tracer during 1996 in C, which I'm rewriting in Java.
site monitor
An application I originally made for an SA friend, now flexible enough to monitor almost any site for outages.
utility classes
A collection of utility classes which I find useful on a regular basis.
Some scripts I've written for fun and convenience, available for download.
resharper live/file templates
My favourite custom live templates and file templates for the Visual Studio add-in, ReSharper.
cruise control .NET
Utilities for working with Cruise Control .NET.